ONGC — Deep Water VR @ Petrotech2016

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ONGC — Deep Water VR @ Petrotech2016

The Brief

To promote ONGC’s new deep water initiative at the Petrotech in 2016.

Our Approach

When approached by ONGC to showcase their deep water oil drilling process to potential investors, we knew that we had to come up with an innovative solution. That’s why we suggested a FlyVR experience that was untethered and accessible on mobile headsets for scalability. This flying simulation would give users a complete birds-eye view of the refinery with a flight path that would cover all the important aspects and areas of the refinery. We also made sure to include textual information within the experience to help users understand the refinery better.

The Execution

To execute our FlyVR experience, we created an entire realistic 3D fly-through for both an underwater experience as well as above it. We outlined the process of deep water oil drilling, showcased all the important aspects like FPSO, and the ROV, and how they work together. For scalability, we treated this like a 3D 360 video inside its own exclusive application container. This allowed for a much wider variety of uses for ONGC.

The Result

The ONGC Deep Water VR experience was a huge success at the Petrotech event and was highly appreciated. The FlyVR experience garnered attention from potential investors and visitors alike, and provided a comprehensive understanding of the deep water oil drilling process. The 3D 360 video format, inside an exclusive application container, allowed for a wider variety of uses for ONGC beyond the event. Overall, the FlyVR experience was an innovative and successful way of showcasing the deep water oil drilling process to a wider audience.

We then went on to license the same experience at other ONGC events over the next 2 years.