Wuerth — ToolboxVR (VR Communication Platform)

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Wuerth — ToolboxVR (VR Communication Platform)

The Brief

Wuerth approached us with a unique challenge – to create an internal corporate VR communication platform for training purposes. However, as development progressed, the requirements expanded to a fully modular metaverse. To accomplish this, we leveraged our Surrogate platform to create ToolboxVR.

The Approach

We understood that VR was a relatively new concept in 2018 and wholesome adoption would be difficult for a company that was over a hundred years old. That’s why we started with a demo and made it as functional as possible within the given timeline. Initially, it only worked on a PC and an HTC Vive, but we added full support for mobiles, Mac, and other VR headsets going forward.

Our platform is a massively modular one, based on our Surrogate platform, and treated as a whitelabel for the same. We ensured that ToolboxVR was designed to be scalable and modular, providing maximum flexibility for Wuerth to use it in a variety of ways.

The Result

Our efforts paid off as the requirement expanded to a fully functional modular VR universe with up to 150 people in the same virtual place. Today, ToolboxVR is used for virtual meetings with clients and internal stakeholders, virtual interviews, campus walkthroughs, training, and product demonstrations. The client is still with us and engaged, and ToolboxVR is now a popular application that’s winning clients against the likes of EngageVR and other metaverse products.

In conclusion, ToolboxVR has proven to be an innovative and successful VR communication platform that’s transforming the way companies engage with their stakeholders. With its modular and scalable design, it’s no wonder that ToolboxVR has become a popular choice for companies looking to embrace the power of VR.